BERTOLONE TRIAL: Judge To Decide Verdict

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The trial of a Drake student accused of sexually abusing a fellow fraternity brother is now in the hands of a Polk County judge.

Friday morning, Anthony Bertolone took the stand for nearly two and a half hours. He admitted to providing the alleged victim with alcohol and marijuana on many occasions.

Prosecutors accused Bertolone of trying to get the alleged victim intoxicated to the point of passing out so he could perform sex acts on him. Prosecutors pointed to the 131 videos that Bertolone claims show he and the alleged victims having sex.

They say in nearly all of the videos, the alleged victim is asleep, passed-out, or non-responsive — and in only one video engaging in sex acts with Bertolone.

However, Bertonole says his relationship with the alleged victim wasn’t just about sex. Bertonole claims that he loved the alleged victim.

The defense rested about 45 minutes ago and now has until April 6th to write its closing arguments. The state then has five days to write a response. The judge will then read both, and has 60 days to make a ruling.


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