Bernie Sanders Rallies in Des Moines, Ending Three-Day Iowa Tour

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Sen. Bernie Sanders was back in Des Moines on Saturday at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. He says his campaign, and those who support it, have unfinished business.

“I am delighted to see the signs that say ‘Bernie’ and hear you yelling out ‘Bernie!’ But it `aint Bernie. It’s not me, it is us together!” said Sanders.

Sanders spoke about many issues he campaigned on during the 2016 election such as income inequality, green energy and closing tax loopholes for the extremely rich.

“Anybody here know how much Amazon paid in federal income tax last year? ‘Zero’ You got it. Well, Mr. Amazon, Mr. Bezos…well Mr. Netflix and General Motors who also pay nothing in taxes…and to all the other large corporations with all of their accounts who are putting all their money in the Cayman Islands and other tax havens, your day is coming. You’re going to start paying your fair share of taxes in this country,” said Sanders.

He also made it a point to highlight problems in rural communities, a place where Democrats did poorly in 2016.

“We have tragically seen more and more young people leave the small towns they grew up in, the small towns they love, because there are no decent paying jobs in those towns,” he said.

His message of student debt relief for students was well received by Mason Donelson, who will vote for the first time in the general election.

“It’s really reassuring for basically my entire family. My parents are hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt, like we were talking about that on the way here, and they’re never going to be able to pay it off really with the system we have now,” said Donelson.

Sanders’ speech also hit home for Maggie Rawland, who unlike Donelson, has voted in many elections over the years.

“The message is that he’s very well aware of what’s happening to the ordinary people in this country and he’s there to work to make things better,” said Rawland.

Prior to Saturday’s rally in Des Moines, Sanders held events in Iowa City and Council Bluffs.


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