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URBANDALE, Iowa — Once Donald Trump’s rival now turned campaign adviser, Dr. Ben Carson rallied for the Republican Presidential candidate at his metro headquarters on Sunday.

In Carson’s first time back in Iowa since the primary, he immediately addressed Trump’s sexual assault allegations calling them a distraction from the election.

“This is the big problem that we are having, nobody  is discussing the actual issues. They are talking about all this other stuff. All this other stuff will still be here after the election but the election is what determines the course of our nation. We need to be able to focus on that.”

Carson told the crowd the only way to get beyond the “sensationalism” is to talk about the issues but also urged voters to focus on the candidates political stance and what’s at stake in November.

“Right now the Supreme Court and federal system are going in  one direction or another, it’s a split court right now. So we the people need to make an intelligent discussion not an emotional decision because this affects our children and our grandchildren.”