FORT DODGE, Iowa — On October 12th the Fort Dodge Fire Department will open its Safe Haven baby box to the public.

The baby box allows mothers who are unable to take care of their children to give them up anonymously.

Ann Meyer, a State Representative for District 9, was instrumental in changing Iowa law to allow for the baby box to be constructed. Meyer said that the box will save lives.

“Right now it’s a hand-off to a first responder. Our hospital is a Safe Haven and again that just protects the parents if they feel they cannot take care of their baby then they can relinquish it safely without the fear of retribution or legal action. What this is, is a more anonymous way for moms to have that same opportunity,” Meyer said.

Randy Kuhlman, The CEO of Fort Dodge Community Foundation and United Way, said that other Iowa communities will follow in Fort Dodge’s footsteps.

“We are the first community in Iowa to have a Safe Haven baby box and we’re hoping and we expect that there will be others popping up around the state. Because they do play an important role in saving lives and giving infants a new chance for a life with an adoptive family,” Kuhlman said.