Beginners Try Curling With Metro Club

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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  The Olympic games bring in the top athletes from all around the world, but they’re also inspiring amateurs to try out the sports.

“It’s good exercise. I always watch it on the Olympics so it’s really fun to get out and enjoy it yourself for once,” said Scott Anderson, a metro resident who tried his hand at curling with the Des Moines Curling Club.

The club taught beginners how to play at the Metro Ice arena in Urbandale on Sunday. Nearly 50 people attended to try out the sport. Organizers say it’s a reflection of the growing interest in the sport across Iowa.

“Our dream is to someday have our own curling facility here in Des Moines,” said Mike Sible, the club’s president. “It’s way more fun if you have your own place where you can make the ice nice and flat, you can have more social activities around it.”

The club has doubled in membership over the last year. Sible said once the club reaches about 100 members, it will consider getting its own space to compete.


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