‘Beer Money Sign’ Fundraiser for UI Children’s Hospital Now Tops $300k

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AMES, Iowa  —  A simple request for a little beer money has turned into a huge fundraiser for the University of Iowa’s Stead Children’s Hospital and made a Cyclone football fan a celebrity.

It all started with some poster board and a marker.   On Saturday, Carson King held up a sign during ESPN’s ‘College GameDay’ in Ames that read:  “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished – Venmo – Carson-King-25.”  When the sign made the air, donations to his beer money fund started pouring in.

King says once he hit the $600 mark he decided it was too much money to keep and decided to give it to a worthy cause: the UI Children’s Hospital.  When word of his donation went viral online, even more money poured in.  Then came the big news: both Busch and Venmo agreed to match whatever King raises.

At last report King says there was $100,000 in the account, meaning a $300,000 donation to the hospital.  King plans to shut down the account at the end of September and then make the donation to the hospital in-person sometime later.

The idea of a Cyclone fan giving to the University of Iowa’s hospital seems to have inspired football fans.  King says it’s taught him something about our state and its fans.

“I’ve learned that even though they are friends for 364 days, that one day per year they’re butting heads constantly, they can put that all aside for a good cause,” King says, “That’s just what Iowa is.  If one Iowan needs help they all help.  Iowa nice is a real thing.”

As for his initial request with his sign, that is coming true, too.  King says Busch has agreed to supply his fridge for free.


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