Beaverdale Chiropractor Remembers Encounter with Carrie Fisher

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BEAVERDALE, Iowa -- For lots of Star Wars fans, Carrie Fisher only existed in a galaxy far, far away, but in August, Amy Reimer got to see her face to face. "My friend and I decided we would go see her," said Reimer, a Beaverdale chiropractor. "She was gonna be at Comic-Con in Chicago. I decided I wanted to get a photo-op," she said.

But Reimer got more than that. "She was very kind, very friendly. I gave her a few, little gifts. She was always a big coca-cola drinker, so I took her a can of coke, which she loved and we took our photo and as I was walking away, she said 'oh, wait a minute, what`s your shirt say?' And so I turned around and held out the shirt so she could read it," said Reimer.

Fisher laughed and thought the shirt was funny. "Sort of out of nowhere I jokingly said, well do you want to trade?...thinking you know, never in my wildest dreams would she ever do that, but she looked down at her sweater, then back up at me, and she said 'wait for me'," said Reimer. So Reimer waited as Fisher continued to sign autographs, and when she was done, the trade of Reimer's lifetime took place. "She said, 'okay, are you wearing a bra?' I said, yeah, so she said okay and right there she pulled her sweater over her head and I took my t-shirt off and we swapped really quick, and I asked if she would mind if we took a picture. She said that`d be fine," said Reimer.

Fisher was someone Reimer had always wanted to meet, and when she finally did, she found her to be kind and generous. "I hadn`t thought prior to that point that she may be giving me a very expensive article of clothing, but a friend of mine did a google search and found that it was a cashmere sweater from an Italian designer, worth anywhere from hundreds to over a thousand dollars that she had traded me for a $25 dollar t-shirt," said Reimer.

But to Reimer, the sweater is priceless. "I can`t even describe what that meant to me. It was such a unique experience that I`ll never never forget," said Reimer. And while many will always see Fisher as Princess Leia, to Reimer, Fisher will always be so much more. "She had a very similar sense of humor, she had you know kind of similar politics to me," said Reimer. "She was an incredibly strong woman. She fought through addictions and mental illness and she took her hardships and her personal trials and tribulations and used those to help other people," said Reimer.


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