DES MOINES, IOWA — This trip through the Iowa State Fair on Tuesday included a beard competition, horse braiding, and a new donut shop.

The Longest Beard Competition was won by Harold Stephenson, of Center Point. There was a huge lineup of men who wanted to compete for the longest beard.

At the Jacobsen Exhibition Center, a draft horse show was underway Tuesday. Before the horses could be shown, they had their manes braided to look really nice before the actual show began.

“So I’m looking for a tight main role something that accentuates the neck we put flowers in the horses so it needs to be tight and straight so that it stands up so it will hold for a class,” said Katie Cook, a judge who came from the state of Utah.

When people visit the fair, it’s not unusual to see lines of people waiting for food. One line this year is outside Peachey’s Baking Company. The new vendor from Sarasota, Florida serves giant glazed donuts.

Owner Nathan Peachey has been baking since he was a little kid.

“I grew up in an Amish home, we had a bakery in our home, my grandma baked, my mom baked we had a dairy farm at the bakery in North Carolina,” said Peachey. “I’d work in the bakery when I was a little kid to make some extra money.”

This is the first visit by the company west of the Mississippi River, they will also hit the Minnesota State Fair.