DES MOINES, Iowa — The temperature registered 10 degrees below zero in Des Moines over the noon hour Thursday. The “feels like” temperature was far worse: 34 degrees below zero. Belinda Green of Des Moines headed out for lunch at one of her favorite spots, Noah’s Ark Restaurant.

Green expected the outside discomfort as the state was in the throes of a blizzard warning.

“Mind numbing,” she said of the arctic blasts of snow-filled air that smacked her face on her walk into the restaurant, “It just hits you like a ton of bricks.”

Des Moines received less than three inches of snow but the strong winds kept it moving.

Green acknowledged that she would have preferred lunch here a different day. “Be in Hawaii…on the beach,” she said of her preference on a frigid Iowa day like this one.

Although, the thought of a warmer day wasn’t nearly enough to lure her away. Green awaited the birth of her first grandchild, a boy. So while Maui’s temperature read 74 degrees, it could wait for a visit for another day.