OKOBOJI, Iowa (KCAU) — After an unfortunate incident over the weekend where a senior from Okoboji High School was shot while hunting, the community is now banding together.

Over the weekend, Joseph Salmon, 18, of Spirit Lake, was shot while hunting waterfowl at the Spring Run Wildlife Management area.

Due to the injuries, Salmon was airlifted to Sioux Falls for treatment, according to an email from GoFundMe. The email said that Salmon is currently in a medically induced coma due to his injuries.

Earlier this year, Joseph was hailed as a hero for his efforts to help rescue and man and his dog that had fallen through the ice. Salmon was at Lake Okoboji the day of the incident to ice fish and watch snowmobile races when he noticed the trouble.

“Told them that a Jeep just went through, hung up with them, ran over here,” Salmon said at the time.

Salmon, along with four others, helped rescue the man and his dog from the water.

The community is now banding together to help the teen.

In addition to the GoFundMe campaign, community members have launched the “Be a Hero, For a Hero” campaign where they are selling t-shirts to raise money for Salmon’s recovery. If you aren’t interested in a t-shirt, you can donate directly at Liberty National Bank in Okoboji.

All of the money raised is being deposited into a benefit account created for Salmon.

The t-shirt’s design was created by an Okoboji 5th-grader who recently drew Salmon.

Prairie Lakes Delta Waterfowl has partnered with Timber Waterfowl to also help raise funds for Salmon as well. All proceeds from their shirt will go to Salmon and his family.