Bayard Man Develops Social Media Platform


BAYARD, Iowa — When Brandon Irlbeck ran his engine repair business, he ran ads on Facebook. He claims that after using a Donald Trump-like voice in an ad, Facebook began limiting his ability to use the site.

“I just got sick of being banned and my every post being censored or my views being shut down so we just decided to create our own,” Irlbeck told WHO 13’s Roger Riley. Irlbeck does currently have active accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

He launched a site called YoRe Spot, with the name harkening back to the “days of yore” – when people could say what was on their mind.

“It doesn’t matter, you get banned if you don’t agree with Facebook or Twitter,” said Irlbeck. “Our site allows everybody to get on there and post whatever you want to. We’re not a political website. You know obviously there’s things that cannot be online that are illegal. We don’t tolerate hate speech at all.”

The site YoRe Spot has 150,000 users after Irlbeck launched a big ad campaign in February.

“If you are a political person and you want to post political things, that’s absolutely fine – and we encourage it. But other than that it’s for everybody,” said Irlbeck.

He said he plans to be able to generate enough funds to be able to give back to people in need. He is also planNing to launch a companion site which would be like YouTube.

If you would like to visit this new platform, click here.



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