DES MOINES, Iowa — A bill that would require students to only use restrooms that match the sex they were given at birth has passed the Iowa House and now awaits Governor Kim Reynolds’ signature.

SF 482, which passed the Iowa Senate back in February, states that students must only use restrooms that match the sex that’s listed on their birth certificate. It also allows someone who believes a student is violating the rule to submit a complaint for the school district to be investigated by the Attorney General’s Office.

Iowa Safe Schools criticized the school bathroom bill because the organization believes the bill discriminates against transgender students.

This bill is a solution to an imaginary problem, all for the sake of bullying trans children. Unsurprisingly the bill’s floor manager was unable to name a single criminal case related to transgender restroom access in Iowa. This bill flies in the face of the Iowa Civil Rights Act, Title IX, and the U.S. Constitution. Our organization continues to be disappointed by the disproportionate amount of time and effort the Iowa Legislature has spent attacking LGBTQ kids this legislative session.

Becky Taylor, executive director of Iowa Safe Schools

The bill is now headed to Gov. Reynolds’ desk to be signed into law.