BASKETBALL SCAM: Arrest Warrant Issued For Academy Owner

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Des Moines police have issued an arrest warrant for a basketball coach we told you about last February.

Glendon Alexander operates ABCD Basketball Academy, a prep camp for young men hoping to play Division One basketball.

But several people told Channel 13 Alexander failed to deliver on his promises costing them thousands of dollars.

The landlord of the property where the players stayed says he didn’t pay rent, and the church that sold him a van says the check bounced.

As a result, Alexander is now charged with theft.

“People make mistakes we understand that. We’re not going to prosecute people on a bounced check. But what Mr. Alexander had done, he had written a check knowing the money wasn’t there to cover it and didn’t try to get money in there to cover that check later,” Des Moines police Sgt. Jason Halifax said.

Alexander has a history of defrauding people. He served time in a federal prison in Texas for bank and wire fraud.

Des Moines police have not been able to locate him.

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