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WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — A new round of lawsuits have emerged following the death of two metro police officers.

Des Moines police officers Carlos Puente-Morales and Susan Farrell died last March when a drunk driver collided with their patrol car.

The driver of that car, Benjamin Beary, was also killed. Police say he was going the wrong way along Interstate 80.

Now, the officers’ families want the bar that served Beary to pay. They’ve filed wrongful death lawsuits against The Keg Stand in West Des Moines.

That’s where police determined Beary was drinking before the crash.

Current law says a bar or restaurant can be held liable for whatever happens if a person leaves intoxicated. The officers’ families will now have to show that the bartender knew Beary was intoxicated.

Beary’s parents are also reportedly seeking a lawsuit against the bar.