BAN LIFTED: Cars Towed From Snowy Ditches

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Iowa roads are still slick, but there are signs of improving conditions.  The state lifted the towing ban in most areas last night.  Crews went out first thing this morning to get abandoned and wrecked cars out of the ditch.

“Somebody cut me off and I couldn't get back into a regular straight line and just started spinning around,” says Joyce Gray.

Gray tried not to panic as she lost control of her Jeep along Interstate 80 in West Des Moines. 

“The next thing I know, I'm going down the embankment,” she says. 

It’s a good thing this wasn’t her first time stuck in the snow.

“I've gone in the ditches so many times being a rural mail carrier that I kind of know what happens.  You just get stuck and have to wait and wait and wait,” says Gray. 

“We've spent most of the day winching cars out of the ditch,” says Jeff Richman of Krueger's Towing.

Richman went from call to call rescuing drivers who slid off or spun out in the storm.  While some drivers might be tempted to try to get out on their own, he says you really need to leave it to the experts.

“You don't want to try and tow yourself out.   Just look at the traffic.  You have no safety lines and really no training to do it,” says Richman.

With the Jeep back on the pavement, Gray says it “feels great”.  She survived another snow ditch.

We checked with other towing companies in the metro.  Hanifen says it is waiting until tomorrow to clear abandoned semi-trucks along the Interstate.

Most insurance companies and motor clubs like AAA cover towing expenses.  The State Patrol says check with local law enforcement to make sure the ban on towing is lifted in your community.


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