Balloon Artists Offer Color & Hope This Weekend


MASON CITY, Iowa — It’s Easter weekend, a time for some to decorate. For Lisa Lofing, she’s covered her front yard with bright balloon figures she made herself.

Lofing runs a business called Today’s Your Day. She does balloon arches and other figures for people’s special day. She even made a dress out of balloons for her daughter.

“I’ve been in business for six years. I started doing my business doing birthday parties,” said Lofing. “I do all-balloon creations. I do have helium, I know there’s a shortage of that, so I can do helium bouquets for birthday parties and all different celebrations.”

This weekend she’s participating in a worldwide movement for balloon artists called One Million Bubbles of Hope.

“Steven Jones, out of Washington state, did this a couple weeks ago. It was called One Million Bubbles of Joy. It got such a great response,m people wanted to do it again, and so we changed it to One Million Bubbles of Hope,” said Lofing. “Right now, there’s over a thousand balloon artists all over the world in about 60 countries.”

Lofing is following what other artists are doing here on Facebook.

For more information on Today’s Your Day, click here.


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