DES MOINES, Iowa — The first-degree murder trial of Bravon Tukes continued with crime scene investigator testimony. Tukes is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, attempted murder, willful injury, and criminal gang participation.  

Police say Tukes drove the getaway car following a deadly shooting at the Starts Right Here education center back in January. Gionni Dameron, 18, and Rashad Carr, 16, were killed in the shooting, and Starts Right Here founder Will Keeps was injured.

On Friday crime scene investigators took the stand to outline the investigation of the shooting at Starts Right Here in Des Moines.

“Typically what happens is the officers, the first responder on scene, will secure the scene which is yellow crime scene tape until we arrive,” said MaKenzie Patterson, of the Des Moines Police Crime Scene Investigation team. “We do a walk-through, through the scene with either detectives if they’re there or the officer that responded and then we can always adjust the scene parameters from there.”

Patterson talked about all the shell casings and bullets she looked at in the investigation.

“I examined 30 shell casings from the scene in triage,” said Patterson.

A question from the prosecutor, Stephanie Cox: “Did you make some determination about each of those when you analyzed them?”

“I further looked at the individual characteristics, which is actually the margins on the bridge face, or like the flat side of the casing, and they were all consistent with each other, which suggested to me that they were all fired from the same firearm.”

Jurors were shown photos of the weapon, and also video and photos of where all the bullets were, and the holes they made in the building. The jurors also heard testimony and saw photos of the autopsy.

The trial will continue next week.