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DES MOINES, Iowa — Some opposing the Bakken pipeline took their stance one step further Wednesday and got arrested.

Around 100 people showed up at the Farm Progress Show and marched to Dakota Access’ private property.

“I’m willing to risk arrest today, it’s my first time being willing to do that,” said Taylor Brorby of Ames. “I’m willing to risk arrest because my four little nephews that live in Dakota are in this pipeline’s way. They can’t be here to share their voice and this would compromise their drinking water and a habitual future for them.”

Protesters marched from the Farm Progress Show to the Bakken pipeline property and formed a line at each of the four entrances.

The Boone County Sheriff’s Office asked each person if they would leave, and if not, each would be placed under arrest and charged with trespassing charges.

“We’ve always had a great line of communication with them,” said Major Randy Kunert. “They want to make sure their rights and freedom of speech is heard and we certainly respect that but in the same token we can’t let them block traffic or create a safety issue for somebody else as well.”