Bactrian Camel Born at Blank Park Zoo

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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Blank Park Zoo announced today the birth of a Bactrian camel (the kind with two humps).

The baby male camel was born on Saturday, weighed 103 pounds at one day old and stood-up and walked within two hours of birth. Zoo officials will decide on a name for the camel within the next couple of weeks.

 Keepers are encouraged because Tyua, the mother, is nursing him. Her previous calf, Jolly, had to be hand-raised by zookeepers.

The baby is currently off exhibit and may be a month or longer before the public can see him on exhibit. He will stay at Blank Park Zoo until he matures, but eventually he will go to another accredited Zoo so that he and his father, Nikolai will not compete against each other.

The Bactrian camel exhibit opened in November 2013 and is located at the entrance of the Zoo. In addition to the baby, the exhibit currently has two adult camels and two juvenile camels. The exhibit is free to the public. Blank Park Zoo also has a Dromedary camel (a one-hump camel) ride in the center of the Zoo.

Zoo officials wouldn’t reveal if the camel understands which day of the week is hump day.


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