BACONFEST BONANZA: Tickets Sell Out In Minutes

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Tickets to the annual Blue Ribbon Baconfest in Des Moines went on sale today at 12:12 p.m. But within 42 minutes, the highly sought after tickets were sold out.

This year organizers are moving to a bigger venue and offered 3,000 more tickets. The February 1 event will now host 12,000 bacon lovers and will be held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds.

Organizers say tickets were purchased in 41 states, and from as far away as Brazil and China.

Last year’s tickets sold out within 4-minutes and organizers say if it wasn’t for technical difficulties, that record would have been broken.

“In less than 3 minutes (2:57 to be exact) it appeared that all tickets were spoken for, however we are at the mercy of technology and shopping carts,” Chair of the Iowa Bacon Board, Brooks Reynolds said in a press release.

The theme for 2014 is Viva Las Bacon. A handful of couples have already made plans to put some sizzle in their relationships by getting married in the Chapel ‘O Bacon during the festival.


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