Authorities don’t expect big changes in policing Iowa’s new gun laws


IOWA — Iowans are no longer required to have a permit to carry a concealed weapon or to purchase a handgun outside of a federally regulated firearms dealership as July 1st, 2021. For the Story County Sheriff’s Office, though, the law won’t be much of a change for them because they always proceed with caution if a gun is involved.

“From the aspect of just responding to a call of an irate person or there’s somebody that’s a threat to themselves or the community in general with a gun, it really wouldn’t change technically how we respond,” says Chief Deputy Nicolas Lennie.

Of course, one change in enforcement is that someone can’t be arrested just for carrying a weapon. However there are extenuating circumstances from any incident that can lead to charges – and committing a crime while carrying a weapon will still carry escalating charges. It is still illegal to carry a gun in Iowa if you are under 21, are a felon, or if you are intoxicated.

Authorities encourage responsible Iowa gun owners to still obtain a permit. One advantage they suggest is that it allows Iowans to carry a gun in states that recognize our permit process.

A Sioux City gun shop owner says he will now conduct background checks on any buyer who doesn’t have a permit while in the past he accepted the permit as proof of responsible gun ownership.

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