DES MOINES, Iowa — Four-year-old Marcos Faguada died after a car allegedly driven by Robert Miller III crashed into his family’s car days before Christmas. The person driving Faguada told her side of the story in court Thursday as Miller faces charges of homicide by vehicle.

“I remember seeing the black vehicle crossing over the median,” Mayra De Catalan said on the witness stand. “I don’t know why, but I remember seeing those lights coming at me.”

De Catalan and other witnesses to the crash testified on day two of Miller’s trial. Body camera footage showed the wreckage of the crash and the frantic effort to save Faguada’s life.

“As I looked ahead, I saw what I can only describe as an explosion of car parts,” said Brent Mendenhall, who’s car was also damaged by the crash. “It was like a Hollywood movie. A piece of the car was thrown up in the air.”

“Marcos was conscious,” said Marcus Henthorn, a witness who tried to medically assist Faguada. “He was able to tell me that his favorite show was Spiderman. I was back and forth with Marcos until medical personnel arrived.”

De Catalan used crutches to take the witness stand and said she had to relearn how to walk after the crash. She said the emotional trauma of the crash is still harder to take than the physical pain.

“I wanted to make sure the boys were okay,” De Catalan said. “I remember my son being confused. He kept saying, ‘Did this really happen? Is this real?”

Miller’s trial resumes Friday.