ATTEMPTED BURGLARY: Police Say Two Not Related

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Des Moines Police are investigating two different attempted burglaries.

The first happened around 4:40 Tuesday morning at 201 Hart Avenue in Des Moines.  Police say the suspect had one leg in a window when the homeowners spotted the intruder.

The homeowner fired a shot at the burglar, and the burglar took off.

Police say no one was hurt in the case and the suspect is still on the loose.

Later around 10:00, police says there was another attempted robbery just a couple miles away at 604 East Rose Avenue.

Police say the suspect in this case knocked on the door, but the homeowner didn’t answer.

Authorities say the suspect went around back and forced his way inside the home.  Once inside, the suspect realized the resident was actually home and took off.

At this point there is no arrest in this case.

Police don’t believe the two cases are related.


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