URBANDALE, Iowa — With Easter only a few days away, a lot of people are going to buy eggs for Easter egg hunts ahead of the holiday. With egg prices hitting historic highs in December and January, questions came up about whether those prices would affect how people shop around Easter.

Anne Wemhoff, the Iowa Egg Council’s marketing and communications director, said egg prices are already rebounding. Locally, a dozen eggs are now less than $3.

She said that’s a big deal and expects eggs to fly off the shelves ahead of Easter, which she calls the Egg Council’s “Super Bowl.”

“It’s exciting,” Wemhoff said. “Our farmers are out there working hard to get eggs on the shelves. And we’re really looking forward to this Easter season and you can’t have Easter without eggs and all the joy that eggs bring with the holiday.”

She said a major reason for price hikes during the winter months was the avian flu outbreak, which now seems to be under control.