DES MOINES, Iowa — Congrats, Des Moines drivers! We made it through the worst season of construction we can ever remember. Our roads are now open and the headaches are behind us. Eeeeh … for the most part. 

The last we saw of Porter Avenue on the south side it was closing down. Well look at it now! Wide open!

But McKinley … not even close.

Kind of like Fleur. Let’s not talk about Fleur.

Or MLK. Wow. Maybe next year.

Mulberry is now clear … but East Court Avenue is not.

Third is getting close. Fourth is … not.

Let’s head west on Grand … yeah good luck with that. This is an expensive place to live, but I still think “these poor people!”

Thirty sixth and Ingersoll looks the same as it did in April — maybe worse.

Woodland is finished! And it looks great. Just don’t try to turn on 39th Street.

One part of Kingman was totally closed, and now it’s totally open.

University Avenue in the Drake area still looks awful, but wait — the foreman says it’s actually almost done. Ninety percent of the project will be wrapped up by Thanksgiving.

And to finish with one more win, how about this area at 48th and Franklin? Last spring these people couldn’t use their streets. For them, the worst is over.

For others, there’s clearly still more to come. The road construction season that seems to have no end.