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Des Moines police arrested a man for allegedly shooting a mail carrier with a BB gun.

It happened in the 800 block of Hickman Road Thursday afternoon at 4:30. Postal worker Pete Nigro told officers he was leaving the area when he heard a gun go off and suddenly felt a strong pain in the back of his body. Nigro says he turned around and saw the curtains move in the upstairs window of a home at 2009 9th Street.

Officers talked to 23-year-old Christian Miranda who was at the home, but he denied any wrong-doing. Police were called back to the home later on by a U.S. Postal inspector who told officers that Miranda admitted to shooting a BB gun and handed the gun over to the inspector.

Miranda told police he didn’t mean to hit Nigro and was arrested and taken to the Polk County Jail.

He’s charged with harassment of public officers and employees and assault with a dangerous weapon.