STORY CITY, Iowa — The Story County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man after an explosive device was found at a mobile home park Thursday morning.

Tyler C. Hammond, 29, was arrested and charged with Dominion/Control of Firearm/Offensive weapon by a Domestic Abuse Offender, two counts of Reckless Use of Firearm Causing Property Damage, Shooting Across Highway, and Driving Under Suspension.

The Story County Sheriff’s Office executed a firearms arrest and search warrant at the Ledgestone Meadows mobile home park. During the search, officers found a homemade explosive device and immediately evacuated surrounding residents. The State Fire Marshall’s Office responded and rendered the device safe.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, the charges stemmed from a video posted on social media that allegedly showed Hammond firing a rifle at traffic signs while driving on a public highway.

The Story County Sheriff’s Office said more charges are pending.