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ARNOLDS PARK, Iowa — The Arnolds Park Amusement Park is raising funds to help freshen up one of its classic attractions – the Tipsy House.

The Tipsy House was constructed in 1930 as a part of the amusement park. The house looks normal inside to the eye, but it is mounted at an angle so the floor is a steep grade.

“Tipsy house is a classic historic structure at Arnolds Park, it’s right at the entry, everybody loves going in,” said Jon Pausley, Arnolds Park CEO. “The Tipsy House is an optical illusion, leaves you off-balance.”

On Saturday, August 20 Arnolds Park Roof Garden Ballroom will host the Party in the Park to raise funds for the Tipsy House. Tickets for the evening of fun and dinner start at $100. More information about the fundraiser is online at Party in the Park.

“Like anything historic or nostalgic, it needs a little tender loving care,” said Pausley. “This year‘s Party in the Park fundraiser program is to re-do the historic Tipsy House from the inside out. New paint new boards, new illusions, new entrance, we’re excited to be able to restore the classic structure while keeping its historic Americana.” 

The Amusement Park has been a tradition for some families to come here on their summer vacations.

“This is one of our missions to create family memories for generations to come and so historically the Park has been a place for people to come to create memories,” said Pausley. “The best summers of peoples’ lives are in Okoboji and Arnolds Park.”

Arnolds Park Amusement Park wants to make sure the Tipsy House is around for years.

“The Tipsy House is part of that, the fun time walking through, getting a selfie from the view at the top over the lake, it’s just an exciting environment, we want your family to come here, and make memories for generations.”