DES MOINES, Iowa — The Animal Rescue League of Iowa is finding new ways to educate pet owners and animal lovers alike through their podcast, “For Love of Animals“ which launches this week.

“It works really well for people to learn a lot about animals in not always such a heavy way,” said Tom Colvin, the Chief Executive Officer at the ARL.

Each episode surrounds a wide array of topics.

“We intend to fill these hours every week with fun stuff about animals, Animals in the news, ya know, ‘Hey a raccoon got shut into a dumpster and here’s how you get him out in a humane way,’ but we’re also going to be giving behavior tips, all the time and educational things about those species of animals,” said Carol Griglione, ARL Board President & Podcast Co-host.

The main goal is to ensure that animal lovers of all kinds feel included in the fun.

“We do handle all species of animals at the Animal Rescue League, like we say, everything from hamsters to horses and everything in between. So, that’s why we wanted to name this ‘For the Love of Animals’ so we just don’t identify one species,” said Colvin.

They hope to create a sense of community.

“Pets are all about community, So that’s the whole feel of this thing, our pet community and all kinds of pets,” said Colvin.

The podcast leans on the listeners for episode inspiration, and what they want to hear in future recordings.

“We have it set up also ways for people to submit questions to us. So, we’re going to be answering those questions, we’re happy to address topics that somebody submits because we want to make sure that we’re there for the community as well as answer questions for them,” said Griglione.

All categories and recordings are being highly supervised by official ARL management, Benny the office cat.

“Benny is office manager here. So, he will be involved in the production of these every week, I’m certain he will insist upon it,” said Griglione.

So trust the expert, Benny, here when Griglione says, “It’s going to be really fun, and a great way to celebrate animals in our lives.”

“For Love of Animals” will launch its first episode on Wednesday, you can find it on the ARL’s website here, in addition to Google Play, Amazon Music, and Apple Podcasts.

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