Arizona Snowbird Jammers Bring Songs to the Warren County Fairgrounds

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INDIANOLA, Iowa- When the Arizona Jammers got new leadership three years ago, they came to Iowa for their summer Jam. This is a group from 17 states who all spend their winter months in the Phoenix area as snowbirds.

“The people that ran it, were in their 90s so they asked us to host it in Iowa,” said Don Van Ryswyk, the local organizer of the event. “We called down here and got this building, and we tried it and it’s growing into just about more than we can handle.”

“All the snowbirds, in the summer months we don’t see each other,” said Angie Singer, who has her own band in Arizona. “So somebody had a great idea about 15 years ago let’s get together once in the summer time.”

The group had met in Wisconsin, and in Minnesota, before coming to Indianola. The event is in it’s third year at the Warren County Fairgrounds.

Van Ryswyk is a retired farmer near Indianola. He has spent months in Arizona over the winter for the past five years.

“We have some real professionals here who make their living making music, we have a lot of fun we jam all winter in Arizona,” said Van Ryswyk. “They’re all friends and you know there are people here that can’t go to Arizona anymore, so you like to see these people, hug each other.”

The event at the Warren County Fairgrounds runs from 9:30 in the morning to 9pm Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday the session will wrap up at 5pm.

There is no admission charge.


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