Arizona Home Covered in Cat Decor

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ARIZONA  --  An unusual house listing on the market in Arizona may seem a little odd, but some cat lovers may just think it's purr-fect.
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The 2,200 square foot home situated on 20 acres in a remote part of Arizona is covered wall to wall and floor to ceiling with cats, according to CNBC's Jane Wells. Realtor Liz Keller has listed the home for $240,000.

"This is by far the most unusual listing I've ever had, or seen, or heard about," laughed Keller.

Keller says the owner is shy woman who did not want to be interviewed, but she built the log cabin with her husband, and when he became terminally ill, the house became her creative outlet to express her passion for felines.

"She worked on this house over a period of years, I mean it's been a ten plus-year project. As you can see in the bathroom, she even has a tank handle on the toilet that is a cat," said Keller.

Since going on the market a month ago, the listing has gone viral, with millions of hits online.

"Every square inch of the ceiling is puzzles that she's put together and tacked to the ceiling."

Two things stand out as surprising in this situation: the woman only owns two cats and the house does not smell at all.

"I do have to say she had a room designated just for her cat box, and that probably made me laugh the most," said __.

The house has been shown a few times to prospective buyers and there's interest from cat rescues groups. But as many cat-related items as there are, Keller says it's only half of what used to be there.

"I mean you can say, 'why would you list that, it must smell like cats, it's a terrible listing, I feel sorry for the realtor.' To me, I think it's a great listing, I love it." said Keller.

The house has had a few showings, but no offers have yet been made.


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