DES MOINES, Iowa — Nowadays it feels like more establishments than ever are providing the option to tip on the bill which is leading to what’s known as ‘tip fatigue’.

Tip fatigue is the frustration at more and more businesses adding the option to tip to bills, often spurred by newer point-of-sale systems that use a touch screen.

Jessica Dunker, the President and CEO of the Iowa Restaurant Association, said that the newer technology has led to more shops giving customers the option to tip.

“Some of the POS Systems that restaurants use have those presets in there and they have been climbing that’s true and the types of establishments people are seeing tipping possible those have been expanding as well,” Dunker said.

Dunker also said that how the tips are divided among staff at non-traditional dining establishments can be different.

“One of the things that’s nice in the less traditional service model about tipping is that it tends to be spread among everybody,” Dunker said. “So if you go into a sandwich shop or a coffee shop a hyper drink bar and you hit that all of the staff shares in that it helps them collaborate together and they all benefit.”

Iowans are more generous than the average American. Dunker said that Iowa is in the top half of the country when it comes to showing gratuity.