Between rain, snow, and the cold air, April wasn’t very enjoyable for those who were looking forward to warmer spring weather. That’s without the wind. Adding the wind to it seems to make it much worse.

April Wind

If you thought it was windy in Iowa this month, you’re not wrong. Wind speeds typically average 12-13 mph in April and this past April’s average was 13.3 mph in Des Moines. So while it was above average, it wasn’t far from the actual average.

Data courtesy of Daryl Herzmann

Now, if we look at the number of hours in which wind speeds were at or over 20 mph in Des Moines throughout the month, we did notice that number was one of the highest in the past 50 years. In fact, Des Moines recorded nearly 150 hours with wind speeds at or over 20 mph this April, which was the highest since 1984.

Data courtesy of Daryl Herzmann

Note: Many years in the late 1940s, 1950s, and early 1960s show wind speeds were much higher, however, it is unclear why this occurred or if this is accurate. The blue shaded years (1965-1972) are years in which 20% or more of the data is missing.


While there were only 6 days with highs above average and 18 days with below average highs, Des Moines still didn’t crack the top 10 coldest on record. The average temperature was 47.1° which was 4.2° below the average. It was the coldest April since only 2018, which was the 5th coldest on record with an average temperature of 44.4°.

Rain and Snow

Des Moines ended the month with below average precipitation amounts despite it feeling like it rained nearly every day. Nearly half the days in the month saw measurable rainfall, three more recorded a trace.

Average snow fell in Des Moines in April 2022 with 1.4″ recorded on April 17th. The average amount of snow is 1.2″ in April.

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