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DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Court of Appeals has dismissed one of the two fraud convictions for a man found guilty in a lottery tampering case.

Eddie Tipton, the former Information Security Director at the Multi-State Lottery Association, was convicted of two counts of fraud in 2015. Officials say he rigged a computer that picked the numbers for a 2010 Hot Lotto drawing then purchased a ticket with the winning numbers.

Intermediaries tried to claim the $16 million prize while keeping Tipton’s identity a secret. Several other people, including his brother Tommy Tipton, have been charged in connection with the case and other suspicious jackpots in other states.

Tipton appealed his convictions and Wednesday the Iowa Court of Appeals dismissed one of the convictions, agreeing with Tipton’s claim the three-year statute of limitations had expired before he was charged in the case.

The appeals court upheld the other fraud conviction.