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The Iowa Court of Appeals has ruled to uphold the convictions of a Des Moines man who kidnapped and murdered his estranged wife in 2009.

Randall Moore was convicted in 2011 of murdering TereseAnn Lynch Moore. He kidnapped her from a Target parking lot and then shot her to death in his apartment on the northwest side of Des Moines.

Moore was also found guilty of kidnapping, sexual abuse, and attempted murder in the case.

The appeal of Moore’s conviction was based on claims that his request to exclude the testimony of an expert witness shouldn’t have been dismissed. He also claimed his previous bad acts should not have been brought up in the trial.

The Court of Appeals released its ruling Wednesday, upholding all of Moore’s convictions.

The ruling read in part, “Accordingly, we conclude the district court did not abuse its discretion in finding any potential danger of unfair prejudice did not substantially outweigh the probative value of the evidence at issue.”

Moore is serving a life sentence in prison.