Appeal on Marijuana Reclassification Denied by Pharmacy Board

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Marijuana (CNN)
Marijuana (CNN)

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Iowa Board of Pharmacy has denied yet another request to reclassify marijuana in the state.

Des Moines resident Carl Olsen petitioned the board last year to reclassify marijuana to show it has some medicinal value. The board denied that request.

Olsen appealed that decision, and on Monday the board denied the appeal. Board members say it is a political issue and not something the board should take up.

Those in favor say reclassification would help make medical marijuana more accessible to Iowans..

Connie Norgart suffers from post-polio syndrome and severe muscle pain, and says it could help her.

“I have tried medical marijuana myself when I was able to get it and it took away all my pain. I was able to get off high quantities of pain medication if I just used medical cannabis and I wasn`t suffering all those side effects,” says Norgart.

Olsen plans to ask for a judicial review of the board’s decision.


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