DES MOINES, Iowa — A gas station on the ever-developing Ingersoll Avenue may soon meet the wrecking ball in favor of affordable housing.

Developer Scott Cutler and Anawim Housing are planning to build a 20-unit apartment building at the Star gas station site on 2701 Ingersoll. The building has not been sold to Cutler yet, but the gas station’s current owner tells WHO 13 he has worked for nine months to make sure the sale goes through.

The project, named Star Lofts, received a $250,000 grant from the United States Department of Agriculture for using mass timber in its construction. It’s the same grant Cutler received for another of his projects in Valley Junction, which Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack visited last week.

“Mass timber, in addition to offering the unique and warm aesthetic you see today, is sustainable, renewable, and sequesters environmental carbon,” Cutler said during Vilsack’s visit. “While it has many benefits, mass timber construction is still somewhat new to the market, but this is changing.”

Ingersoll Avenue is already changing around the Star. A new streetscape now runs past the gas station, and the Star faces a Starbucks under construction right across the street.

There is no estimate yet for when the Star Lofts could open or break ground.