DES MOINES, IOWA — For the 11th time in 2022, a TSA officer has successfully stopped a passenger from illegally carrying a firearm onto an airplane. There were only nine such incidents all of last year. The head of TSA at the Des Moines Airport says this is not how a responsible gunowner would store a gun or travel.

“It’s extremely disappointing that our officers have stopped another firearm at DSM this week,” Director John Bright said in an emailed news release, “Responsible gun owners always know where their firearms are and travel with them properly – never in a carry-on bag.”

A TSA officer spotted the outline of the weapon while screening bags around 12:30 pm on Monday. Des Moines Police were called to the scene, the gun was confiscated and its owner was issued a citation. The TSA says the gun was loaded with six shots – none in the chamber – and did not have a safety switch.

Illegally carrying a gun through TSA could result in a fine of up to $13,910, according to the agency. TSA PreCheck members will lose that status as well if they are found with a weapon.

Travelers are allowed to bring guns on a plane. They must be unloaded, securely stored, declared and checked. They can then travel with other baggage under the plane.