Ankeny Woman Searching For Answers About the Death of Her Beloved Horse


ANKENY, Iowa — A woman from Ankeny is on a mission to find the burglar who killed her beloved horse.

Tuesday morning a neighbor notified Julie King that her horse, Stormy, was lying in a ditch on Oralabor Road, just east of Ankeny. King said the scene of the crime was unusual.

“The funny thing about where he got hit is there’s absolutely no vehicle debris whatsoever. And we’re talking about a  1500 pound horse,” King said.  

King said the burglar took equipment from her barn and a four wheeler, all of which could add up to thousands of dollars. The Ankeny resident believes the perpetrator could have been a familiar face. 

“It’s somebody that knows me because the way they got in and out of the barn and the pasture and knew exactly how to get from my pasture to the neighbor’s. And then onto a gravel driveway that leads out to Berwick drive. It’s somebody that knew the lay of this area,” King said. 

King’s horse, Stormy, was a 20-year-old, white, Quarter horse, who King mentioned was well known in their neighborhood. 

“Lots of people actually, they would purposely bring carrots or apples with them, and stop and visit Stormy. And if you called him he’d come right to the fence,” King said. “He was always having visitors,” 

 King said the death of her horse, Stormy, is the most devastating thing about the burglary. 

“He didn’t deserve to lay there and die like that,” King said. “It just feels like a nightmare and I wish somebody would wake me up.”

Polk County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. King is also offering a reward for anyone who has details on what could have happened. 


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