Ankeny Veterinary Hospital Receiving Threats From Animal Lovers Mistaking Their Business for One with a Bad Past

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ANKENY, Iowa — A metro veterinary clinic is receiving threats from animal rights activists but the staff says these pet lovers have it all wrong.

Creature Comforts Veterinary Hospital Dr. Ashley Williams said their animal hospital in Ankeny has been receiving threatening reviews, messages, emails and phone calls after an animal abuse incident from 2016, that happened at a completely different clinic with a similar name in Iowa City, resurfaced in an article circulating on social media.

“Obviously we are in the business of caring for animals and we do not condone behavior like that at all and it’s really really unfortunate what happened and so it’s just sad that this keeps coming up and we are continually affected by it,” Williams said.

Creature Comforts Veterinary Hospital in Ankeny has been continuously mistaken for Creature Comfort Veterinary Center in Iowa City for almost four years now, but Thursday the situation of mistaken identity got a lot more serious.

“Every morning I start with checking the voicemails seeing whoever called so I can reach out and respond to everyone and I got a very unsettling voicemail this morning it was very threatening and definitely did make me feel a little uneasy this morning,” Tiffany Hines with Creature Comforts Veterinary Hospital said.

The voicemail said: “I just read the article about Jasper. The dog that you guys abused. We are going to get all of you. You are unsafe. Watch your backs.”

Williams said they called law enforcement after receiving the hateful voicemail and want these threats to stop.

“Our staff was concerned for their own safety this morning it’s just very unsettling to hear that come across your voicemail and to have no idea where it came from and we have no idea if the person is going to come here or not,” Williams said.

She added that these constant complaints and threats for something they have no connection to really hurts.

“And it negatively impacts business and we want our clients to know that you know that’s not who we are,” Williams said.


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