ANKENY, Iowa — Greg Lage, a teacher and coach at Ankeny High School, remains hospitalized in a coma on Tuesday after apparently striking his head on the ground when he crashed his bike early Saturday morning.

According to an online post from Lage’s wife, he was riding his bike home after bartending on Friday morning when he crashed on gravel near Birdland Marina. A passing police officer and a trainee spotted Lage lying on a trail and called 911. When Lage stopped breathing, one officer performed CPR until EMTs arrived. Lage remains hospitalized at MercyOne in Des Moines in critical condition with brain injuries.

Friends and colleagues of Lage shared who is is as a person and a teacher.

“I think the thing about Greg is the tremendous amount of passion that he brings to not only school, but to everything,” said Andrew Bouska, Lage’s friend and history teacher at Ankeny High School. “Whether it’s cycling, spending time with his family, his friends, following jam bands. There is just a tremendous amount of passion that he brings everyday and it’s authentic.”

Bouska regards Lage as one of his best friends, adding that Lage makes you feel like you are the most important person in the room. He also said that he is an amazing teacher and community member, and it is no shock to Bouska how the community has rallied around the family.

“The impact that he has on kids is lasting, and I think that is why there has been so much support for his family and it’s well deserved. He’s earned that,” said Bouska.

Another family friend shared her image of Lage and how meaningful he is to not only her family but the community.

“He’s someone you don’t forget, whether you spend a couple minutes with him or you’ve known him your whole life. You just don’t forget Greg,” said Meredith Boesen. “He’s got more energy in his pinky than I have in my whole body.”

Boesen added that everyone close to the family, and the family themselves, are remaining positive.

“I truly believe that he will recover and he’ll be back to being as spunky as ever,” said Boesen.

A GoFundMe account is now active and collecting donations for the Lage family.