Ankeny School Board Election Results Head to a Recount

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ANKENY, Iowa — A recount has been called in a very tight race for the Ankeny School Board. Candidate Amber Sommerfield, who finished eighth out of the nine candidates, filed for a recount last week.

It was a tight race with the top seven candidates finishing within two percentage points of one another. The recount will delay the oaths of office for the newly-elected board members until Dec. 2, 2019. 

Deshara Bohanna, who finished fourth and earned a seat on the board, was chosen to participate in the recount of the ballots.

Each candidate will choose a representative who will aid in the recount of the votes. They must also agree to a third “nonpartisan” individual to participate alongside their selected representative.

“I was inquiring on whether this has happened before and how often do the results change once they have the recount. [The auditor] said in his years of working in that position that they’ve done 12 recounts and not a single vote has … They haven’t found an error. So, I’m hopeful that that will be the case for this because there are so many other things that we need to move forward on,” said Bohanna.

The process must be completed within 18 days of the recount request. Until then, the current school board members will remain in their positions.


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