Ankeny Road Rage Incident Turns Bloody

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ANKENY, Iowa — A road rage incident turned bloody in Ankeny when a man allegedly punched a woman in the face. That woman, Lisa Teska, ended up in the hospital. It happened Wednesday afternoon at the intersection of Magazine Road and State Street. Teska says a man driving an SUV pulled out of the Ankeny High School staff parking lot and nearly sideswiped her vehicle. Teska threw a coin at the man’s SUV, and she says the man threw some coins back at her vehicle. Further down the road, Teska says the man got out of his SUV and attacked her, by punching her in the face.

With blood gushing everywhere, Teska called 911. Teska says the operator told her to lock the doors, roll up the windows and stay in her vehicle until police arrived; but Teska says when police got there, they weren’t much help. Describing what she says Ankeny Police told her at the scene, Teska told Channel 13 News, “they just kept talking about the same thing over and over, that the only way that they would press charges on him is if I agreed to go to jail for throwing the coin at him for criminal mischief.”

Lisa’s husband Derrick told Channel 13 News that Ankeny Police got this one wrong, saying, “the serve and protect just didn`t get done this time. I just feel that justice was not adequate…they said that doesn’t distinguish between a man and a woman, but I believe my wife was defending herself. She had no choice, she had a 14 year-old daughter in the car.” Derrick Teska told Channel 13 News that the man who allegedly assaulted his wife was never even hand-cuffed at the scene, and that greatly upset him.

Channel 13 News went to the Ankeny Police Department to get their side of the story but they said they had no comment and that the incident was under investigation. We also went to the home of the man accused of assaulting Lisa Teska, but he had no comment either.

Editor’s note: At the time of the story the Ankeny Police Department Investigation was not complete. Click here for the first police report, or click here for the second report.


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