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ANKENY, IOWA — Have you had your catalytic converter cut off your vehicle recently in the Ankeny area? Police may have found the people responsible, but need victims to come forward to help prosecute the crime.

Police arrested three adults – Anthony Hinton and Amanda Mowery of Fort Dodge and Deja Harris of Newton – and two juveniles on January 8th in Ankeny. They were reported for prowling near vehicles with a reciprocating saw. Police found them with 15 catalytic converters in their vehicle.

The devices are part of a car’s exhaust system and can be sold for cash to scrap yards. Ankeny Police are asking anyone who was a victim of a catalytic converter theft recently to please contact them. Investigators say the charges against suspects are easy to prosecute if they can match the stolen converters to a vehicle. Potential victims should call Detective Muhlbauer with the Ankeny Police Department at (515) 289-5266.