Ankeny Police Continue to Investigate Pipe Bomb Found on Tuesday


ANKENY, IOWA — Police in Ankeny say they still don’t know who left a pipe bomb in a public park on Tuesday or why – but they do want the public to know that it was an isolated incident and the community is safe.

The explosive device was found Tuesday morning near the Lakeside Center. The building was being used a polling center for a special election at the time. However, Ankeny Police say there isn’t an indication at this time that the election and the device were connected. In fact, they say it is still too soon to know anything for certain in the investigation.

“Was it related to an election? We have nothing that says that,” says Sergeant Corey Schneden of the Ankeny Police Department, “We want to kind of work through this … there’s a bunch of different variables that go into it. So, we don’t want anyone to jump to any conclusions. It’s our big thing that if someone sees something – that they say something.”

Secretary of State Paul Pate’s office also says the incident and the special election may not have been linked.

““At this time, there is no evidence that the polling place was the target of the pipe bomb. My office was in contact with the Polk County Auditor and law enforcement agencies throughout the process on Tuesday. Auditor Fitzgerald and his team did a terrific job redirecting voters to other polling places to ensure they could cast their votes. Law enforcement agencies made sure everyone stayed safe and they are investigating the situation. There is no indication of an ongoing threat to Iowa polling places.”

Paul Pate, (R) Secretary of State


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