Ankeny Firefighters Educating Community During National Fire Prevention Week

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ANKENY, Iowa — When an emergency happens, like a fire at your home, it’s easy to panic.

“It’s the most scary situation that you’ll ever be in,” said Craig Fraser, Fire Marshal for the Ankeny Fire Department.

One of the best ways to avoid freezing up during that stressful situation is to be prepared.

“It’s extremely important. We take it very serious in fire prevention. That is why we do fire prevention in spring and fall,” said Fraser.

Over the week, the Ankeny Fire Department will travel the community to work with families on setting-up a plan during National Fire Prevention Week. They’ll go over normal items, like checking the dates on fire extinguishers, replacing batteries on smoke detectors, and even mapping out an escape plan for your family. But they stress the key to having a successful plan is talking with your kids early about fire.

“So, they know there is a safe place meeting place, what they are going to do in case of an emergency, how to dial 911,” said Fraser. “Those are all critical points of what we teach, not only the adults but the kids as well.”

Ankeny Fire is expecting over 2,000 people to attend their open house Wednesday. A majority of the activities will be hands-on and will focus on educating kids but sometimes the ones who learn the most are the adults.

“We actually had two families this past year, that used to learn their fire extinguisher at our open house. They wrote to us to tell us, that they were able to put a fire out in their house based on what they learned and practiced here. So, that makes us feel real good knowing that,” said Karen Peters, Ankeny Fire.

The event runs from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Fire Department located at 120 NW Ash Drive in Ankeny.


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