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ANKENY, Iowa — Construction workers by trade, wanderlusts at heart, there isn’t a road the Naylor brothers aren’t willing to travel.

Over ther next six months, the two will embark on their biggest adventure yet traveling 20,000 miles down the Pan – American highway to the southern tip of Argentina on a motorcycle.

“We`ve been dreaming about it for about two years so we ready to get out of here. Were psyched about it,” says Ross Naylor.

On November 15 the brothers will begin their six – month ride for a special reason. The ride is raising money for the Iowa – based, “World Riders Foundation.” It’s an organization that builds schools in third world countries.

“Life is just so much bigger to us then the day to day of what happens here. Me and my brother are called to be a part of something bigger and for us this is our way of kind of making a difference,” says Naylor.

Their goal is to raise $20,000 dollars by their end of their cross continental ride. They hope with help of Iowans and local cooperation’s they will raise enough money to complete a school in Uganda.

The brothers hope their big dream can encourage others to help make difference in their own way.

“We`d like to think that we`re setting an example that it’s okay to dream big,” he says. “The world even though it looks big and scary, is really just filled with people that are the same as you and me.”

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