BOONE, Iowa — The Boone Area Humane Society has a special promotion on to encourage people to adopt cats and dogs from the shelter, located on the west edge of Boone.

The shelter is experiencing what is a national trend. More people are bringing their pets in for adoption, and listing the reason as inflation, making pet food too expensive for their budget. Some also say the increasing amount of money being required by landlords for a pet deposit is also a factor.

“The majority of what we’re seeing is because they don’t have the money to take care of the animals, the money to feed the animals, or vet care,” said Vanessa Heenan, Director of the  Boone Area Humane Society.  “Landlords, wherever they live, are requiring a deposit or rent for their pet and they can no longer afford that.”

Heenan just returned from a national conference, where this trend was a big topic. Her goal, and that of other shelters, is to try to look for ways of keeping pets out of animal shelters.

“Our goal is to keep animals out of the shelter we don’t want your animals to come here, this is a scary place and it really should be the last resort,” said Heenan. “Don’t show up at the door at your local shelter right now, we are just so full and even our little shelter we have over 100 animals and there’s only a few of us that work here so just keep up with that.”

Heenan’s shelter also covers the entire Boone  County so they need to have room in the shelter to house strays they may pick up. She said there are resources in the community, so your local shelter may be able to assist you.

“We have Facebook pages that we can share your animal on the shelter so they don’t have to live in a cage,” said Heenan.  “We’re trying to get people to re-home their animals but to do it safely do not go on Craigslist, don’t give them to people you don’t know. you know we’re talking like friends, and family members, or maybe somebody at work.”

If you are looking for a pet or would like more information about The  Boone Area Humane Society, click here