DES MOINES, Iowa — After the Animal Rescue League of Iowa rescued an abandoned dog at the Des Moines International airport the organization said they are seeing more calls than ever before.

“It’s easy to say that there is more of them, but there may be just more reported,” said Tom Colvin, the CEO of the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. “That’s not to say that they weren’t happening and unreported before, but we are getting more calls for service.”

In 2022, the ARL of Iowa helped more than 10,000 animals that needed sheltering throughout Iowa. In Des Moines alone, ARL officers responded to more than 11,000 animal related calls through the Des Moines Police dispatch.

“I think part of that is due to the work we’ve done to let law enforcement know that there are resources out there to help them when they’re faced with a neglectful situation,” said Colvin. “I’m told by the mental health professionals that it certainly took a jump during COVID. So now I think it’s been a situation that people are finding places where animals are just way beyond what somebody has the capacity to care for.”

To donate to the ARL of Iowa, find information on adopting or for any other pet needs visit their website.