An Early Winter Arrives For Webster City

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WEBSTER CITY, Iowa — Webster City accumulated about two inches of snow overnight, and crews were up early Monday morning to clear the roads for local traffic.

“We started around six this morning pushing. We were a little behind everyone else. We weren’t 100 percent ready for the weather this morning,” said Hunter Hayes, an employee at Tile Pros in Webster City.

Tile Pros plowed about about 30 to 40 locations across the city, ranging from local businesses, churches and some residential areas. A combined effort with public works led to the city’s roads being cleared by 11:30 a.m.

Last week the city did salt the roads because of slick conditions, but no one could have predicted snow this early on in the season. Right now the roads and sidewalks are clear and residents are hoping the cold will become more mild.

“From what I’ve read in the Farmers’ Almanac and seen on the news stations and radio, it’s going to be a really cold winter. Whether or not that means a lot of snow or not, you never know with Iowa,” said Hayes.


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